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  1. @flyingdutchman @Nightshade Ghostaltar No system is safe. but it's better to know how to make it safe from malware/viruses than use an antivirus.
  2. I know Android is Linux based because I've been a Linux enthusiast for a years and I use KDE NEON for the development of all my skins. I actually never use an antivirus on my phone, I use AVG and Avast to find out why my skin can be detected as suspicious. That's all.
  3. But it looks like I have to fill in a false positive form for all skins. Luminous Black 2.4 is no longer detected as an APK: CloudRep.
  4. Sorry, your request is outside of the skin purpose. But you can enable "Use 24bit RBG" which is in the album art settings
  5. Info about APK: CloudRep [susp]: The mistake that many people make is thinking this message means the app is malicious. But basically it only says "This app is not used by many users, make sure it is trusted if you want to use it" Avast and AVG have different reports but the point is same. I know they were merged from 2016. i'm sure they used the same virus database. Sorry, maybe I didn't update the skins until they didn't detect my skins as suspicious. I'm just tired replying every email and review related to this.
  6. Yes, that's why there is a long process that is done by Google before the update is live. If the update contains malware or suspicious code, it will be rejected. am I right?
  7. Thanks, but it would be nice for me if all the skins I made were not detected as suspicious by AVG or Avast I have reported it as false positive but there has been no response until now. Some users who contact me say, "please fix it" but I say "what should I fix?" This problem really bothered me. Damn! Edit: I found a post related to APK: CloudRep [susp] https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=192114.msg1344400#msg1344400
  8. Yeah. Nothing to worry about, I want to contact AVG and Avast, but I don't know how 😂. Because I only use MIUI Security for my phone and my laptop use Linux OS (it's secure enough without antivirus) and not dual boot with Windows It's fine with your posts. That helps for some people
  9. I just got 2 emails that mention Luminous Black is infected with malware. That's funny, I don't know anything about creating malware. I have tried scanning using Google Play Protect. But nothing happened.
  10. Thanks! That's false alarm. I just tried using AVG and MIUI Security, Luminous Black is clean from malware. Thanks man! for small button, i will try to add it on the next update
  11. Yes, I already improved Library Album Art to version 2.3 which will be released in a few hours later Thanks!, 2.3 will be released a few hours later. Thanks for your suggestion, Compared to Aurora and Luminous Black, I actually don't know what I should do with Luminous when using AA Blur Layout or Transparent background because a lot of text or buttons are hard to see. I will try to fix it on 2.4 I will add a black accent to Aurora on 2.4. Thanks!
  12. - For the play button that you request is the same size as prev/next buttons? - The option to change the navigation icons is the first priority for the next update. May take a long time. Thanks man! Thank you!, For your request, sorry, I don't think that's possible.
  13. Honestly, I don't have a to-do list. I just follow what comes inside my head There is one thing I really want to do is make an option to change all icons in Poweramp. But it takes a long time besides I'm a little busy right now. Maybe I'm working on it again in another update. If you have more requests, please let me know. that really helped me
  14. New Updates Available Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 2.2 Changelog
  15. Unfortunately, I only made 3 skins, but will continue to get updates with new options and improvements rather than making another one. Therefore, every requests I will consider it
  16. Hi everyone, Luminous, Luminous Black and Aurora update 2.2 will be released on August 14. Just like before, with lot of new options and small improvements . The development process is almost 100%
  17. Sorry for the late reply Yes, I believe I can. but that can't be an option, I have to change the whole layout on my skin. I will try in the next update
  18. HI, I have written a way to solve it in the skin description on Google Play Store "For blur layouts, to avoid buttons or texts not visible / readable, you need to change Background Intensity (Poweramp> Settings> Background). Recommended: set to 80% or lower"
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