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  1. Amazing. It was the stereo expand. I had it at 77%. I have no idea when I set that, but I imagine it's been like that a very long time and I forgot all about it. I made the changes you mentioned, it improved, then I turned stereo expand to 0% and it's gone completely. I wish I had wrote in about this sooner. Thanks so much.
  2. Hello, For nearly as long as I've been using Poweramp (many years) I have had issues with various files crackling and popping. It isn't every file, but I have not been able to find a pattern. It definitely occurs more on hi-res files (FLAC 24/44.1 or 24/48 or 24/96). I've attempted disabling DVC per output, for the whole app, and for the whole system (in developer options). I'm not using equalizers, or any other audio enhancements. Buffer is set to maximum. No matter what I try, the issue persists. I just can't figure it out. I'm currently using build 860, but this has been occurring since v2. I tried to attach a file but it's too big. Can anyone assist with this issue? Poweramp is so close to perfect...but this issue drives me nuts. Edit: forgot to mention, this occurs both on my wired headphones (focal utopia) and my car when using android auto or bluetooth. Also a earpiece over bluetooth generates the same crackling. Thanks!
  3. I have tons of Google home products and imagine these products will become even more widespread as it is integrated into pretty much every third party product...casting is the only feature this app is missing imo.
  4. Can anyone clarify what this means exactly? I'm a little confused how this affects shuffling..
  5. (Resolved?) In both builds 817 and 818, any artist tag that has a forward slash in the text field '/' is now gone as well as any text after it. For example, I have all my tags with featured artists set as: Queens of the stone age f/Mark Lanegan In builds 817+ it now reads as Queens of the stone age f This happens for all tracks with this in the field, and I have done multiple full rescans. I believe the forward slash is being read as an operator somewhere.
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