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  1. According to me, logo/icon is an app's identity.. and identity should not be changed..
  2. fahim

    level sound

    Automatic Gain Control can do this without correct tags.. Is there any plan to include agc in Poweramp? @andrewilley
  3. I had this issue earlier.. I noticed Poweramp unlocker runs in background.. If I force stop it, this problem occurs in airplane mode.. then I whitelisted the unlocker and verified again using data.. this solved licence check problem.. Still now It never asked for licence in airplane mode..
  4. Obviously, the new v3 ui (with improvements)
  5. Thanks to the developer.. I want to point out some issues.. 1. white skin goes well with material theme, black skin was better in v709. 2. song title and three dots ruined the cover art. 3. three dots on the cover isn't necessarily cause long tapping the cover does the same. 4. Play/Pause button, Title, begin/end time, additional info should be transparent/color adaptive. 5. Swiping down the cover goes to all songs in the library, so tapping the cover should not do the same.. 6. List view is too big.. and now playing track view is too small.. 7. Instead of tapping, swiping up 'now playing track' should go to main player.. 8. sorry for my poor english..
  6. Please add this feature in the next update... Replay gain isn't enough.. ?
  7. Restarting device temporarily solved this problem for me.. every time hi-res fails, i restart my device and it works fine.. hope this bug would be solved in the next update..
  8. fahim

    Album Art

    Album arts are insufficient for many songs.. cause one album art is repeated 5-6 times.. moreover sometimes album art resolution is very poor though high resolution option is selected.. I think there should be more pictures with built-in cropper to fit album art perfectly.. please accept my minor request.. ?
  9. It's strange.. suddenly hi-res is working with dvc through earphones.. I think it's a bug with Poweramp..
  10. When i turn on Hi-res, music plays on speakers instead of earphones.. Is it a bug? or my device not supported? device: redmi note 5 update: after turning off dvc, hi-res working on earphones.. but what does dvc do? do i need dvc?
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