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  1. Hey everyone. I'll post in both English and Russian for simplicity. The new EQ by BT device feature, is there a way to automatically engage the EQ when the device connects, and disengage when the device disconnects (or another one connects in place of the first one)? I played around with the settings and couldnt' achieve this. In addition to that, somehow when I went to check if I can save the EQ again I found the UI displaying the same device twice, which is weird. I'll delete both settings and try to re-save it to see what's up. ---- Макс, приветствую. Моё почтение. Новая фича, создание настроек эквалайзера по имени bluetooth-устройства - есть ли возможность автоматически включать эквалайзер и подключать сохранённые настройки при подключении устройства, и выключать при отключении устройства? Поковырял настройки, но пока не добился такого поведения. Кроме того, я поймал странную ошибку - при отключении устройства и повторном подключении, и попытке сохранить настройки заново, плеер предложил сохранить их "в параллель" с существующими, хотя имя девайса одинаковое. Неинтуитивно. См. скриншот. Pixel 4 XL, Android 10 (security patch Feb 5, 2020). Poweramp build v3-build860-arm64-play Edit: I was able to achieve SWITCHING between "device 1" EQ setting and "device 2" EQ setting when I would connect both devices, stop playback on one, resume on the other. But this is not 100% what I was looking for. My idea was - disconnect "device 1" or disconnect bluetooth altogether, then EQ must be disengaged. It doesn't happen. When I disconnect bluetooth, EQ settings last applied stay in effect. In this case it means when I try to play music from the phone's speakers, it would still have "device 1" EQ settings active. Not too frustrating anymore, since I mostly just switch between 3 devices, use flat Poweramp EQ for two of them (I use Sennheiser's EQ app for those) and only need Poweramp EQ for the 3rd one. But still, perhaps I'm just doing something wrong and there is a way to achieve the behavior I was expecting?
  2. @clever_man Огромное спасибо. Превосходный костылёчек, всё работает.
  3. Please sign me up. Clever_Man и Maxmp - не слушайте нытиков, всё идёт правильно и как должно идти. Жду.
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