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  1. Hey everyone. I'll post in both English and Russian for simplicity. The new EQ by BT device feature, is there a way to automatically engage the EQ when the device connects, and disengage when the device disconnects (or another one connects in place of the first one)? I played around with the settings and couldnt' achieve this. In addition to that, somehow when I went to check if I can save the EQ again I found the UI displaying the same device twice, which is weird. I'll delete both settings and try to re-save it to see what's up. ---- Макс, приветствую. Моё почтение. Новая фича
  2. @clever_man Огромное спасибо. Превосходный костылёчек, всё работает.
  3. Please sign me up. Clever_Man и Maxmp - не слушайте нытиков, всё идёт правильно и как должно идти. Жду.
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