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  1. There is a working search function in this forum Does that work for you?
  2. When I'm in a Library folder like Albums or Folders there are two buttons, play in shuffle and play and I don't know if this is a bug or if this could be a feature, but what about letting it play in order if I press play and when I click shuffle it should play the selected in shuffle mode. For now it plays tracks in random mode, if this was my last mode, after I clicked on the play Icon. The screenshot shows the Icons I am talking about, hope it's clear enough what I meant. I'm using the beta-build-795-play (full Version) on my Huawei P20 Pro Android v8.1.0
  3. well you can click on the X and delete your last search, and also in my build (795) this is already a feature. When I go to the search tab the words in the bar are already marked, so I only need to put in the new search.
  4. but as you can see in my screenshot about the search issue, there are no dots to select, but I'll try around how to get there Edit: I typed in some random words so it popped up and I checked all Songs.
  5. All Songs is already checked, but I unchecked and checked it and this made no differences
  6. I'm starting to like the new UI, but I have a major problem that's disturbing me! The Artist Tag is shown after the Album Name, but I really want to have those two switched, so it would be like: ? (album art) [Song Title] [Interpret - Album Name]... not like in screenshot number one and also what about letting the Tags autoscroll when it's in "drop down" ->2nd screenshot oh I see there are more with the same question, thanks for reading this anyways
  7. For me it's the same in beta-build-795-play (full Version ) on my Huawei P20 Pro on Android V8 .1. 0 I always listen to my playlists by listening it randomly and sometimes I have some tracks in mind, which I want to hear after a song, so I start a queue but it can only played by random order as well, what's kind of against my use of a Queue and after the q is finished it plays the same track I was listening before the que started. This needs to be fixed
  8. For me it's fixed in beta-build-795-play (full Version ) on my Huawei P20 Pro on Android V8 .1. 0 Playlist with random works fine, but I've got the issue when I start a queue it can only played by random order in it and after the q is finished it plays the same track I was listening before the que started.
  9. of course enjoy testing! I've sended it, hope you can find the problem
  10. still doesn't work.. beta-build-795-play (full Version)
  11. there is a option in >Library>lists to add duplicates in playlists
  12. When I search a track my player can't find it, but I listened to it just moments ago. I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro on Android V.: 8.1.0
  13. PainkillerTony


    same here, specially in playlist
  14. The new UI is cool, but I did like to have the Artist before the Album Name and I my Playlists won't play in random anymore, except that everything is fine
  15. same for me, I tried to re install and everything but didn't fix it
  16. For me too, and when I sort the tracks by alphabetical order it still plays the titles the same order as always (yes, in random mode)
  17. maybe a bit off topic, but can you listen to music with Poweramp using android auto? I was planning to buy a new radio with Android auto, but this is a serious criteria if I can't listen to music using Poweramp and Bluetooth, I would not buy the radio jet, I also don't need to have the UI on the Radio, it's okay if I can control the volume and the track that is played
  18. I wish it had dynamic playlist, I don't know if it is possible but I'm thinking of it like.. making playlist by artists, genres or folders and when I add new music it adds it automatically to the playlist.
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