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  1. I'm starting to like the new UI, but I have a major problem that's disturbing me! The Artist Tag is shown after the Album Name, but I really want to have those two switched, so it would be like: ? (album art) [Song Title] [Interpret - Album Name]... not like in screenshot number one and also what about letting the Tags autoscroll when it's in "drop down" ->2nd screenshot oh I see there are more with the same question, thanks for reading this anyways
  2. For me it's the same in beta-build-795-play (full Version ) on my Huawei P20 Pro on Android V8 .1. 0 I always listen to my playlists by listening it randomly and sometimes I have some tracks in mind, which I want to hear after a song, so I start a queue but it can only played by random order as well, what's kind of against my use of a Queue and after the q is finished it plays the same track I was listening before the que started. This needs to be fixed
  3. The new UI is cool, but I did like to have the Artist before the Album Name and I my Playlists won't play in random anymore, except that everything is fine
  4. For me too, and when I sort the tracks by alphabetical order it still plays the titles the same order as always (yes, in random mode)
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