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  1. MusicFX button is missing:( No more fun using our beloved app! Secondly, it had happened around every time: Each time I try to login into this forum it shows 'incorrect password'. I had to reset the password every time. Anyone facing the similar issue ?
  2. Poweramp is my #1 Reason for using Android.
  3. Hello Max, Play/Pause button Size problems (without pro buttons mode). GIF Attached, you could see that difference where buttons are highly differ in size
  4. Thanks Max, Static Waveseek bar is restored in all of its glory !
  5. I am using dark theme and the previous Static Seekbar was literally "Calm and Tranqualizing", gorgeously faded. The aesthetic issue is mainly of sharp outlines on Wave Seekbars. Otherwise rest is Great. Built-In themes are Totally Cool & Modern.
  6. Hey Max, Kindly Don't mind. We believe you are doing your very best to provide us luxury audio player app. But I think the new waveseek bar with thin outlines is Ugly and previous one without outlines was Damn cool. and also I have personally verified that play pause button difference is still there. Even with these, Poweramp is the #1 reason why I am using Android.
  7. I have saved a GIF recording but size is too big to upload, you could see that instead of pause key to play, static seekbar is touched....kindly check that
  8. Hello Max, Just to highlight, Without Pro Buttons mode, the Play/Pause is somewhat weird in size. Play option is little more than enough in size and pause is too small to manoeuvre. by the way The new gestures are totally cool and highly Intuitive.
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