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  1. Since the 805 update last night, headphones on my LG V30 (Oreo) do not work with the hi-res output. The sound instead comes out of the speaker. Setting to OpenSL ES fixes this, but at the cost of hi-res.
  2. Great update, but some minor problems on my LG V30: The nav bar remains black regardless of the force white navbar option, probably something to do with LG's poor implementation of 18:9 compatibility, forcing the app to not use the navbar part of the screen for the app (because the navbar has some sort of black overlay that fades in, doesn't appear on all apps, seen in slow motion gif) And Poweramp doesn't show up above my lockscreen regardless of setting. Not sure if an Oreo bug or an LG bug. Keep up the good work!
  3. It's just In addition to incorrect album art being found, some songs can't find any images whatsoever. I think something on Google's end changed and made the API for image searching not work like it used to.
  4. After switching to a newer device the album art cache reset and the new album art Poweramp downloads is completely irrelevent to any tag or word in the song/filename. I remember the album art it used to find and now the pictures Poweramp fetches make no sense. This happens on both v2 and v3. Is it something on Google's end?
  5. I have an interesting issue Sometimes the wavebar doesn't analyze the song right and makes the first minute or so blank. As a result, the song starts over once it finishes, and the player thinks it's not actually playing the song anymore. Is there some way to regenerate the wavebar or something like that? I'm on an LG G6 with Oreo 8.0
  6. I might as well put my bug troubles in as well.. When I turn off lock screen blur (since I use a Wear device and the blur doesn't work there) the lock screen album art doesn't show up altogether. Also, I can't seem to select songs/albums? Tapping and holding doesn't do anything and using the select button doesn't work unless I use the select all check box. Running on LG G6, stock 7.0 Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful app and I expected things such as this from a beta release. Keep up the great work, Max!
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