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  1. Alrighty let's clarify; The original posting is asking FOR settings and YOU and the other poster suggested NO settings. I myself was searching for the SAME answers (how to set reverb) when I came upon this post, hoping for answers. What do I find? Two recommendations to do NOTHING. Absolutely useless information on how to set the reverb. Had to do my own google research to find information on the subject, such as what does DAMP mean or do. Then figured I'd share it with others looking for the SAME answers.
  2. You didn't address the inquiry. If you don't have recommendations on how to set the reverb and what the controls are for, why even comment? He didn't ask for recommendations on flat dry sound. For that you don't even need Poweramp.
  3. Anyone who tells you that reverb is useless has never been to a concert, doesn't know the difference between hearing music and feeling music, and has no idea what they are talking about. This link will help you to understand some of the settings that Poweramp uses. From there study the presets and adjust to your liking. https://www.emusician.com/gear/cheat-sheet-reverb-parameters
  4. How can I find/access Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uni.apk 703/704? All I can do is locate the file description with no download link. Not liking these recent, NON UI friendly summer builds.
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