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  1. Just comments from my personal preferences: Adding to others, really dislike having ANY copy/text overlay on the album art, hoping the Track info can be placed lower (off of art)...Please! Rather have actual buttons for Play/Track advance in addition to gestures. No need for thumbs up/down. If i don't like a song it shouldn't be on my device in first place (did occasionally use/like the rating system (5 stars). Need Playlists and Artist selections (liked the 704 implementation better). Waveform does seem a bit intrusive (large) to me, if buttons were overlayed might be b
  2. This is the news we've all been waiting for! Looking forward to trying out v3, even though alpha704 is still working great for me (on LG v20). *When I say "all" that excludes those who for two years have continually posted the nasty vitriol, condemning the developer, the forum admin, and anyone else who had "hope" for the new release. Really never understood those that made constant comments of moving on to new apps, stating how horrible Poweramp is, but still continuing to be here, clogging up the forum with hate. Maybe those, out of their own statements of conviction, should obstain fr
  3. I've been a Poweramp user since the earliest version, and its my most recommended app. I've also been going right along with the 100 pages of comments for the last few years, but never commented myself. On 5 different phones, PA has always worked well. The few times it was buggy, I also discovered other apps that were creating problems. The main desires that were most important to me in a new version were high-res output and better retrieval of album art. But, most importantly, PA has been my most used and most ENJOYED app. Think of the countless hours of music listening to rid my life of
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