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  1. Hi, my phone is Nokia 7 plus (8.1 Oreo). Thanks for the update. Nice to see fixed notification. I had never heard about my phone at this forum, so I will add it to this "base". So I installed new build and try to use the hi res feature. Like the guy with Mi A1 it is not working with headphones and sound comes from internal speaker, also, I doesn't have Open SL HD at output list, but on 790 build it was available (first shot). Right now it doesn't bothering me, because my headphones coast for about 10$, but notification fix is great. Also, old bug is still reproducing (I don't know, did someone report it): when FLAC was parsed from .cue, and the track is finished, it is not moved to next track on my playlist, it was moved to next track at FLAC file (second shot). Thanks for great work. Waiting for 3.0 release )
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