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  1. Well, that's pretty much the only reason why I have to resort using other 3rd party players such as Poweramp, because the default player's inept-ness when it comes to sorting and playback mode (effin shuffle). But then again, listening to any other player is hurting me, because it simply sounds muddy and narrow compared to the default player (if I wanted that experience, I would've bought a galaxy S7 or something instead...). I don't care about EQs and "sound-coloring" effects, I care about fidelity and HiRes neutral sound (and of course basic stuff like the ability to play songs in track/album order). If we can't get the the thing to work as it should with Poweramp, I'll just go with foobar. Or somehow edit the track titles of all of my songs putting the track # in front of them, which I really don't want to do. And since ZTE is pretty much dead at this point (meaning no fix for their player ever), our only hope lies with devs like Max (who based on some discussions bout the problem here probably can do something, although it might be impossible without him having the device on hand). Also, can't we reverse-engineer the apk and see how it works? Or some sort of collaboration with LineageOS's devs/dev, since they have the source codes? Yes, but the point is, it all sounds the same (and it's all worse than the def player). The magic most likely lies with the upsampling that's happening somewhere (or some clever DSP correction somewhere, but there is no difference in sound signature so probably not). And just to be clear, "SoX Resampler" is turned on.
  2. Yeah, but did you compare the sound to the default player? The d**m thing still sounds better (and btw I've tried almost every other player, including Neutron, pulsar, AIMP, n7, Jet, onkyo, and a bunch more). With the default player I get better separation of instruments, bigger soundstage, the overall sound is tighter and simply has "THE FIDELITY" we paid for (which most likely happens because the 1s and 0s that reach the DAC are full 32bit/192000hz, and not downsampled/crippled somewhere down the android pipeline)... I've tried everything, and I just can't get Poweramp to sound as good as the default player. It says that it's outputing to Snapdragon PCM 24-bit, and that most likely is not our AK4490 (which is strange as well, because a ZTE employee said the AK4490 DAC is always used, the super HIFI setting just activates the more powerful AMP and cranks the processing to the full 32bit/192khz). And yes, I know that the feature is experimental and probably doesn't even work yet in the 790 build, as stated. So... I don't know anymore....
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