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  1. Ainda bem! Eu por acaso já me tinha oferecido para traduzir, mas ninguém me enviou os ficheiros .xml Bom trabalho e cumprimentos de Portugal!
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate all your feedback and remember the more you keep commenting, the greater the chances Max will consider adding some of these ideas
  3. Thanks Wen! I would also like to let you know I can translate Poweramp to Portuguese (Portugal)
  4. But Wen please remember some of us just love the super clean and simple look Poweramp already has
  5. Edited with renderings! Some of my previous ideas were already implemented (like current equalizer setting visible in portrait mode).
  6. My first post was a bit confusing so I decided to make it simple and give you some visual support for my ideas. Well, to make long story short, I recently switched to Android from an iPhone 3 GS and one of the main reasons was the fact that I found a good iPod/iPhone player replacement: Poweramp. By now, I'm already a huge Poweramp fan: it's as visually simple as the iPhone music player (I actually like Poweramp better) but brings some serious power. However, there are some features I believe would make it even better. Here's my take: 1. Full Library Mode Library view works flawlessly and I believe many of you, like me, spend most of the time in this view. So it would be really nice to have customizable items (e.g. all songs, albums, artists, playlists, queue, etc) on the lower menu according to your personal preferences. This would also obliterate the need for the back button on the top right corner. Instead, the Filter button could be visible all the time which is handy because one wouldn't have to scroll all the way to the top! NOTE: the full library mode could probably be activated in the advanced settings. 2. Double tap on artwork for album songs Simple and fast. Let's see: 3. Improved Widgets Love widgets? Me too So how could the Poweramp widget be improved? Have a look: NOTE: Double tap artwork for the songs. 4. Smart Title If you listen to classical music as I do, it is very common to come across the frustrating task of navigating through album tracks: some are gigantic and identical. To make it easier, one could just swipe to scroll the text: NOTE: the blue boxes are indications only [hidden]! The idea is to swipe over the title to have it scrolled (Oh and I was lazy to copy the full library mode layout I suggested ) 5. Instant "Now Playing" If you like gestures like I do, then you'd like "pinch to Now Playing". Fast access from any location: Some of my other wishes: Cover flow in landscape mode! Itunes integration (syncing directly through Poweramp - I'd pay for that ) On a final note, please keep in mind these are my "renderings". No copyright infringement intended So if you've made it through all the post and like my ideas, let me know (and please excuse my english)!
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