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  1. 12 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Poweramp just have huge "grace period" i.e. time it continues to work despite license check failed by Play. Other apps will fail immediately, but Poweramp allows app usage even if license can't be checked at the moment.

    Exept for this and permanent license storage there is no difference vs standard Play license checking, and this can be only changed in the way of tightening/reducing the grace period. (By default Play asks to recheck license every few days.)

    All the cases with "license failed in airplane mode" that was investigated shown that given customers had no valid license at all (refunded, cancelled by google, or card declined, etc.) Poweramp still continues to work in this case, but fails to do the second check (within 24 hours from purchase), and license checking is continued until grace period ends (can be weeks for infrequent player usage). No connection means checking can't happen and error is shown earlier.

    This approach works well for users with the valid license, but unfortunatelly, is less friendly to users without valid license, and I'll try to change that by reducing the grace timeouts and showing the error earlier in next Poweramp releases. 

    Excuse me, but not all of the cases with "license failed in airplane mode" happen because of invalid licenses!  I paid for a license and have this problem every time I fly.  Why not just accept or believe that your program has an issue and try to fix it, instead of blaming the customers that have purchased your product?

  2. Even though this is an old thread, this stupid problem remains.  I tried reporting it through the android app at least a year ago with no response.  Now I will post on this forum, and also expect no help.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  All of my music is stored on a micro SDXC card.  I purchased Poweramp a long time ago.  EVERY TIME I try to use Poweramp while flying it will work for perhaps half an album.  Then it stops and I get the unable to verify purchase through Google Play message.  At this point I can no longer use Poweramp until I have landed and get to a place with a strong wifi signal.  This "bug" is real.  It should be fixed.  I like Poweramp, but my most important use for the program is when I don't have an internet connection.  Please somebody with Poweramp, fix this long standing issue!

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