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  1. Hi guys, I click on the cover on Poweramp widget and nothing happens, usually it brought me inside the app.. Also hi-res settings don't stick, i go back and i have to enter them again..
  2. Widget is bugged on 790, sometimes it shows nothing and it cannot be clicked (on the old build if I clicked on the song it brought me to Poweramp app, here nothing happens)..
  3. Hi guys, I have problems with latest alpha (and also with the other previous builds). Album art management is a real mess, other players are able to find the right album art, while Poweramp doesn't and sets a random album art for my folders.. I think that an option should be there to have "no album arts", while the song picture should be kept (the search for the song picture works pretty well).. So basically i have my folders without and album art and my songs with the picture that Poweramp discovered.. I hope to see this implemented! Also, the statusbar notification is bugged, sometimes
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