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  1. Bobby

    Android Auto Support! Mod please respond!

    Where is that app !?
  2. Bobby

    Android Auto Support

    Hello, I'm now trying this application for two weeks, I like it a lot because it recognizes my foobar2000 playlists, reads cue files and has a clear UI, well it might be more modern though. But I terribly miss the Android Auto feature, I had to re-enable my base constructor music application because of that, and the workaround (AnyAutoAudio) posted earlier in the post is not a solution, it only direct streams audio from the player to Android Auto, there is no interaction possible... Well anyway, I saw on another topic similar to this one (but older), that the development of Android Auto was not a priority at this time (Summer 2017). Did it change ? I guess priorities from summer 2017 should be achieved already, I also noticed that both topics are actually the most popular from the "feature requests" forum. Just a little official communication from the developer could help me choose at the end of the trial period. Cheers