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  1. I use my usonic headphones with hi res and it says 24bit and i can adjust sample frequency 44-384khz, it does seem to disable the usonic audio profile but i dont mind because it sounds much better in hi res audio mode audio output. I think i remember reading that you can only have one or the other because the hi res overides the audio path for usonic audio noise cancelling. But yeah still wondering if we can get a fix for Bluetooth using speakerphone output.
  2. Great job on the 708/709 max i vastly prefer it to the 790 thats in the works, felt too funky to me. The only one problem im having is output device is always set to speaker when using a bluetooth device of any kind. This has been a problem with all verisions, i have a feeling its meant to be intentional. Device is HTC U11 stock rom android 8.0
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