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  1. all i say is it be cross platform os compatible as in Oreo and nougat. all else works fine as it is.
  2. you gotta reboot phones, cant keep them on forever. STILL MINE DONT LOCK UP NOW.
  3. i dont care if its naked skinned Jesus just bring it. finally i got my v3 704 to stop locking up my note 8 with Oreo. now i wait 5 mins and it opens, any sooner locks screen up and turns black. BUT A STABLE BUILD IS NEEDED YESTERDAY
  4. well AT LEAST April 11th was a current date and sounds like a duck in water. calm atop and paddling like hell under
  5. andrewilley is there any viable evidence this month at all max is nearing the newest release we all are awaiting ?
  6. I keep having to down grade to version 2.0 because the latest version on my Samsung s8 plus Oreo android keeps getting stuck.. It won't even load sometimes I gotta force stop it just to get to home screen.. Please fix note 8 the same, gets old peeps say it works. its worthless to mention any other player here. its fruitless. Neutron is soooooo inferior
  7. guys that usb is pure trash, Poweramp crushes it in any version. trial is worthless and so would the full version be. ive owned 19 devices and no player can even mimic close, i even say better than s9 atmos. MY note 8 supports the hi res so it DOES have it enabled.
  8. I am so with you, even if it's half baked, at least we can work with it. Someone try to dig down and find MAX.
  9. it was becoming a quite abrasive conversation today. yes i agree. lets stop in house fighting.enough of that out in the world. having to force stop the app to get it to work now is ok.
  10. start with non custom roms and stay stock non rooted which is the majority, because we with standard bootloaders and locked should be first. we shouldn't be waiting for all variants compliance 7.1.1 to 8.0 first stability all others wait
  11. i think max is alone in development. it would be great for reaching out to commercial development to help in house to finalise last minutes integrity testing and soaks tests.
  12. i equate this too spring trying to make a comeback and snow keeps nailing us half way through april. this is why changing to oreo has become a curse. all else worked on 7.1.1 nougat.
  13. im sorry no offense MAX working on it, it seems there ARE many new issues arisen after OREO, and it seems too much is on his plate now. YES its half through april and sadly may not even be released probably until JUNE at this rate. so our battles continue ferry rigging installations that work for a while, then stops, rinse repeat.
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