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  1. build 793 or 795

    Galaxy Note 9

    android 8.1

    seeking hi res 24 bit  with force 32 bit  192 khz

    only for speaker

    its only showing  16 bit 46 khz for speaker

    even has my usb and bt same. use to have hires in android 8.0


    Earlier builds worked     WHY no hires for speaker ONLY 

  2. I'm with the OP, It gets rediculous jumping one version to the other instead of working with thier device to get things to work on your devices. Sooner or later, you will do the right combo of versions to get it to work. I have 790 working on note 8 with OREO. At first other versions crashed, but there's a delay after reboot for the app to work. I've been there, done that. Max's development and apps are great, even if 790 isn't finalized. 

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