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  1. Still can't get Tidal to work. Am I an anomaly?
  2. Please, enable, either through themes or by default, a v2 version of the week bar. The new week bar is an incredible up, but when in split screen it may pose a problem for users. Additionally, the current build doesn't play well with split screen at all, but it may just be a beta issue that's still underdevelopment. Thanks
  3. Please add feature: Some playlists are more than 100 songs. In situations of long playlists, it would helpful to have the name of the playlist always displayed as you scroll down. Please show the name of the playlists as you scroll through its songs. Maybe have an address displayed on the top in a small font. An example is: Artists > Drake > Thank Me Later This way you can always see what your selection were. Keep up the incredible work Max! Always worth the wait.
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