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  1. Thanks for the response Andre!! That's not exactly what I was asking about but I see where you are coming from. I typically like to listen to my entire music collection on shuffle, not just a particular album. I kind of figured it out.. when you have your entire library on shuffle (songs mode -> shuffle all) you can long press the track/title and go straight to the Album. You need to select a song to get it actually 'select' the album (so you might need to restart your track). It would be sweet if you could just select 'album' from that pop up lost and have it go directly into that mode.
  2. I've been messing around with Poweramp for a while now (I think it's the best android music player around!!) but it's (possibly) lacking one feature I use a LOT on desktop: Listening to all the songs on my device in shuffle mode and then when I land on a tune where I really want to listen to the rest of the album (The Beatles "Abbey Road" b-side immediately comes to mind) and being able to disengage shuffle and listen to songs on that album .. or at least on easy way to get back to the album without having to scroll from all songs -> artist (a long list on my android) -> album -> song -> play instead being able to press the album art to get to the album or some other shortcut. Is this possible or do I need to make a feature request? thanks in advance!!
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