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  1. I go to the artist and then just shuffle all songs. Just Crossfade settings, turned off album art on lockscreen,
  2. Pixel 2 , android 8.1, Poweramp v3 build 814, only steps I've done to reproduce is use the app.
  3. Mine has been doing this since I started using the later version. The notification is correct but the bottom menu is wrong.
  4. Where is the beta ver Where is the latest beta build? I still have this problem and am on V 3
  5. Just tested it again the play button worked too when I pressed around for it and got the non visible skip to work as well. But I did notice the track listing doesn't change to the new one. Still great quick fix by someone not the developer so thanks. Will just wait for the fix, this app is worth it others don't compare.
  6. I tried using the app and still have an issue with black text on black background but I'm suspecting it's due to my theme as the x button on the lockscreen notification now works. I would have to remove overlays and check. Seems like a good fix though and really was not a carnival act to apply, pretty straightforward. Thanks.
  7. I I am on Oreo 8.1 pixel 2 and also experience the black text on black background bug and cannot use any of the notification controls. I am rooted and have Xposed installed so as a work around I just use the gravity box feature of skipping tracks via long pressing the volume keys. I prefer using this anyways as I don't have to turn my screen on. This is probably the best media player around and have a hard time using other ones so hope there is fix soon.
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