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  1. Thanks for the internet stream. Could we get the ability to exclude the stream links from some categories (such as recently added),to name them and maybe a seperate stream category? As far as bugs go,I noticed the add url menu option doesn't work (but maybe cause it's beta?). Thanks for another great update Max, this feature was unexpected for me Edit: The option add url works in a playlist but not on other categories where it is also shown Edit 2: From some radio streams I added I noticed that the name of the station gets written in the album tag. So maybe this one should be used in the library instead of the song name that correctly changes with every song?
  2. It would be nice if immersive mode could be implemented. Seeing all that unused space and weirdly sized components on my xz1 makes me kinda sad. I even tried some system tweaks to force it on Poweramp but I just ended up with more blank space. Thanks in advance.
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