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  1. Max, I would like to request having the album art in the main player to occupy the entire screen same as V2. 😎
  2. Here's a proof. I have not touched the playlist BTNH-N-FAM since it went 0 bytes.
  3. Thanks Andre and I know that already. Am only stating from Hackswell's post his was on an sd card and mine's internal but we all had the same issue with what we are tackling here. 😉
  4. Mine was saved in the phone storage where PA created the folder when I exported them.
  5. Music is life! 👌 Please have more patience. I'm sure Max is working on a fix and features that will be satisfying for most of us. Cheers!
  6. You can use Folders Hierarchy or Folders category if you have saved all tracks to a physical folder/location in your storage may it be internal or sd card.
  7. Oh man, me too!!! Was shocked to find out one playlist went missing. Checked storage it was there but with zero bytes! Twas 100+ of songs. First time to experience this. 816 is buggy...
  8. Genres can now be separated via "//" and " ; " (without the quotes)
  9. Alrighty! Willing to wait here haha. Thanks again.
  10. Enable Advance List in the main player screen and it should play the next playlist.
  11. @Mrmahdi thank you for your message. I am good now and per my earlier response, the above was what I did which is related to your response. Cheers!
  12. I don't have it. Mine's an actual hardware navbar.
  13. @Andrew0 For your continuous development, can you please add an option for the Album Art to take up all the screen, expand the dimensions? I think this is possible in the main player as seen in the library headers.
  14. So I think I will just wait for a new update. I have disabled Always Keep Notification for the app to exit/notification icon to unload even on a pause. This feature is really handy. By the way, I tried to overwrite PA using the 816 apk in the download section. Same problem.
  15. Definitely a bug. Afraid this will happen to my other device and it did with a different encounter with the notification panel. Same long press, music stopped with the notification icon still on top and was not unloaded. Here, the notification panel was left blank without the x button to close the app, tried swiping but still did not exit. Lenovo A7000+ Android 6.0 Stock ROM PS: Skin? No. I tried to use the builtin skin and still the same.
  16. I added some videos Andre. My phone is an Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL, Android 8.1, Stock ROM
  17. I am getting hit and miss... Please see videos below. The x button should close the app but it does not. Then, I tap play button and after a few taps in the x button, that's the time the app closes. As for the second video, @andrewilley that is how the app should correctly behave when long tapping the Play/Pause button, it was stated in the description that the notification will be unloaded at the same time the music stops, the app stops and PA can be cleared in android recent apps menu. A hit and miss because apparently the long press works but I had to skip songs and tap play/pause numerous times in order to close PA. This is the first time I encountered this from the time the feature had been introduced. 2018-12-31-02-50-32 by Game Genie.mp4 2018-12-31-02-51-55 by Game Genie.mp4
  18. Thanks Andre for the response. I wish I will not say this as it is obvious... yeah, long press would reset the counter and the song will go back to 0:00, stopped and you will also notice the PA logo in the notification panel, it will disappear (unload). Here it goes... this was working before 816, otherwise I will not report it.
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