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  1. You're right, Andre. The new feature "Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks" should be disabled by default. Anyhow, just thankful Max added this and it's worth the wait. Was able to enjoy playing tracks over the Album Artist library even more.
  2. Wow!!! Request will be Black/Grey/Chrome-like for color. Dark skin, as well. Cheers!
  3. He might be asking for a FREE one. A cracked APK, could be. @erik2896M buy the skin for a few dollars or whatever currency you are in. It's worth it and the dev/skinner will be glad for it. It's our way of supporting the skin's development.
  4. In my end, I am still on Oreo. The only change/update that happened was v830.
  5. Same here. Experienced for the first time in v830.
  6. Anyone else? Let's upvote this feature. For me this is very essential! 🙏
  7. Hey Max. My long requested feature would be to also make the Artist tag appear in the Album Artist list of songs as well as in the main app. The Notification panel shows the Artist tag eg. Korn ft. Corey Taylor in the screenshots below.
  8. @flyingdutchman and @Andrew0, were you both able to control the size of the Album Art nowadays?
  9. Are you on Huawei? If yes, this is a known issue prior to your post.
  10. Is this what you are looking for, guys? But I'm the same as Andre. Just tested to see if this is what you wanted... 
  11. I would love to see these added back once again.
  12. Max, I would like to request having the album art in the main player to occupy the entire screen same as V2. 😎
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