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  1. You might be looking for Album Artists category which should be manually selected or enabled in the Library menu. However, every track or song should have proper Album Artist tag, that is.
  2. When on "View as" all the List option, may it be Album, Album Artists etc., the Track Number can appear with the duration and music file type. Eg. Track # | Duration | Type 10 | 3:30 | flac 5 | 2:35 | mp3 I specifically chose LIST, since when you are in the list of songs inside an Album or may it be a playlist, I would not choose to show them in Grid. Hope this helps. Thank you, Max!
  3. Awesome!! Sorry, I just tried now and confirmed. Thank you very much, Max! Really, awesome!
  4. @maxmp Sir, got a DM for you but you left our conversation. Anyhow, if it would not be too much, hope you can get this on 858. Thank you!
  5. Mine works fine now. Album Art appears as it should. Did nothing but update to 857.
  6. The Album Art now shows in the Album Artists category. Thanks, Max!
  7. Was reviewing this thread and got excited to have read again your response, Max. Thanks!
  8. Noticed this as well on 2 different devices and android versions. I have cleared PA cache and selected again the "image/album art" from storage but it didn't take effect.
  9. Very well put, Andre! That sums it all up! Yeah, hope @maxmp can... he can!
  10. Nice workaround and I also do this! What the OP means, I assume, as I also have in my albums' tracks properly tagged with Disc Number. You can check out MP3TAG. It has a field and detects the disc number should an album came with it, in this case a double album. Am I right, @The8ball?
  11. Great idea, Andre!! Same function (tap-for-more) with the existing meta below the time/duration. 👌
  12. Download the unlocker as well in all devices and install using the same account. This, I guess if you purchase via Google Play Store. Works fine with mine. Cheers!
  13. Guys, better embed the Album Art to your songs using a software like mp3tag in your computers. That will save you big time. Plus, you can edit and assign complete tags. Afterwards, copy over to your phone's storage. In my end, I have a library of songs saved and backed up in a hard drive, so just in case micro sd fails (knock-on-wood), I won't regret anything.
  14. I appreciate the responses, however, the OP and I share the same request to have a simple option to select multiple playlists "within" PA. No offense to @flyingdutchman as he is a great developer! This request is not urgent and we can wait when @maxmp has time. Cheers, everyone!
  15. Say, I have tracks which genres fall to R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop. So I have those 3 playlists. Other times, those R&B tracks can be put to "Love Songs" playlist. It really depends on how you see or feel one track or tracks to be included in those playlist/s. I am a diverse listener and those 3 genres were just a few... we haven't gotten to Alternative Rock, Post Grunge, Metal and so on... I have an ever-growing collection of albums and just like the OP, would be very glad if we can select multiple playlists at once so we do not need to re-select the tracks over and over. PS: I don't have an unlimited storage if one gets curious... I retain only the songs/tracks I am very interested with. Thanks, Andre for your input!
  16. Cheers to awesome master skinners (is this an okay term ?) @flyingdutchman and @Mixified! 😎
  17. @Mixified might be able to shed some tips on how to retain the settings when a new update takes effect?
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