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  1. Hey @maxmp, I really appreciate having the bitrate showing in Info/Tags. My reason why this is important is due to some tracks having been on a compilation album other than its own, so they appear in my collection being doubled/tripled. I use the bitrate to compare and most of the time the higher the bitrate sounds better or have been ripped of a higher quality. I noticed when a track is idle, the bitrate is the "correct" one. Correct in the sense that it is constant to my findings hehe. I checked with foobar2000 at the same time thru Windows by clicking the track's properties. Then, when played in PA it adds a few numbers, in my case a FLAC with 826kbps when idle. Playing the track change to 830kbps. I am now satisfied with my findings and hoping worthy to share.
  2. Then per my understanding, PA should load the correct bitrate value regardless if the track is played or not. Bitrate is not something you manually assign in a tag editor.
  3. @ScarletNeko thanks for the update. I just checked and got the same as you. Left image is when the track is playing. Right image, same track but stopped with another track playing in the background.
  4. Thank you, Max for the update! Appreciate it a lot.
  5. Max, that would mean I'd be sending my entire collection as I've said all of them are tagged properly. ScarletNeko even noticed this issue. Again, let me reiterate, the bitrate doesn't show in the Info/Tags when the track is NOT played. Most of my tracks are on FLAC. If you go back to yhe pictures in the previous post, the first screenshot is when the track is PLAYED. The second (bottom one) is an idle track/UNplayed. Hope I made myself clear. 😅
  6. Hi Max, all tracks have that meta-info. As you can see in the pictures provided bitrate appears when PLAYED. Unplayed tracks (eventhough they are properly tagged (due to OCD), bitrate does not appear. So I am sure they should show nonetheless.
  7. Hi Max, I have noticed the BITRATE and other info wasn't shown in the Track Info when the track is not played. As far as I remember, this wasn't PA's behavior before. Now, in order to know the bitrate, you will have to tap the track to play first. Can you please allow retaining those info even if the track is unplayed?
  8. As mentioned by Andre, what is your sorting method? Eg. Sort by filename By long-pressing the track, select Info and provide us a screenshot of the track's information. If you have a tag editor such as mp3tag in your computer, I'd suggest changing your numbering scheme from 1 to 001 so that if you have an album or compilation with a hundred or more tracks, PA will read them correctly.
  9. Cool! Thanks Max and Andre. Confirmed, when all tracks are played, now it's correctly displaying "List Finished".
  10. @spacegator try Library > Album Artists > This sub-level will list all Albums of the same Album Artist > at the top you will see All Album Artists Songs. From here set List Options to sort by Album. The only frowning detail here is that PA sorts this alphabetically but the Track #s appear correctly. But, before doing so set first the List settings. See below image.
  11. Have you tried sorting by Album? How are you playing your tracks, from which Library? ie, Album Artists
  12. Did you manually update using the apk file or through Google Play? I asked if it's the former because I also encountered the same. The fix for me was clearing the app's cache.
  13. There seems to be a delay in Google Play. Usually I get the update within 3-4 hours.
  14. I just hope my message above which was last July 2019 was clear enough, managed with screenshots and so on. I just really hope it's understood in its simplicity. Anyone, please refer to
  15. @maxmp in response to your comment earlier, this is what I meant. Yes, we can Sort by Year in the AA/A categories but that makes the tracks in alphabetical order rather that per track per Album. And I mean in the All Abum Artists Songs
  16. Thanks Max for the latest update. Hope you can improve on Sort by Album to include sorting by Year as well. An improvement in the Album Artists category.
  17. I think the fix for that is to allow the track to finish before counting the "play" as 1. You are right, sometimes, accidentally you might tap on a track you do not plan to listen to. @maxmp
  18. Album Artist tags are required for all (cue, compilation etc) especially if you are to play via the AA category. This is my go-to category for multiple albums by an Artist. What I do is edit an album via my computer and set the AA tag as "AlbumName Various Artists" should it be a compilation album. This way they won't all end up in the "Various Artist" pile if you have that tag. Nonetheless, I don't see any harm having that tag, either.
  19. Hi Max, should include Year too. So Album Artist/Album/Year/Track#. This way when I go to All Album Artists Songs, they are properly sorted according to the year and not alphabetically. Thanks a bunch!
  20. It was a stable release (looks like it) as those who were not on Beta got it in my observation. Note: I'm on Beta and still got the same version update.
  21. Haha! Most likely our "buddies" are just lurking in the shadows, waiting for geeks to post one request such as this. 🤣 But seriously, seeing 'em 300+ tracks all at 99. Still, thankful and happy PA is being developed constantly. 🙏🏾
  22. Please increase the string to 3 characters. I for one, have a 400+ tracks in an R&B compilation album, of which were carefully picked. Thank you!
  23. Hi @maxmp! First, thank you for your continuous, undying hard work. Many of us are very happy with the new features, bug fixes and you constant interaction here in the forum. Props to Andre 100% too! Bumping this thread once again.
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