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  1. Graphic mode presets I manually created for specific audio devices (wired/aux headsets/earbuds, bluetooth speakers). After updating to 909, the only presets remained were the default ones (ie. Rock, Bass etc). Sorry, I was not clear when I said "my graphic equalizer presets were gone" Really glad my backup saved all those numerous personal presets. Am I the only one who experienced this?
  2. Hi Max! Thank you for the new update, however, with the introduction of the Parametric Equalizer my graphic equalizer presets were gone. Glad I had a backup of my PA settings. Wanted to make a bug report because I experienced it twice on 2 different devices, a Samsung (Android 11) and a Realme (Andeoid 10) phone.
  3. For reference. To avoid tapping on the track to include it on a playlist that it has already been a member of. Saves the effort and having to see "Duplicate not added" warning. I'd follow this topic. @maxmp would you please include this in your to-do. Thank you!
  4. You mentioned Titles when the split multiple artists is meant for Artist tag. Anyway, supposing you have artist1 (feat. artist2) in your Artist tag, have you tried (feat. as separator or symbol?
  5. Thank you @maxmp! 🍻 This new working update re Symbols to Split Multiple Artists is interesting. I no longer have to go to a specific album artist if I have the tag set to include say 2 of them. The track/song will be available in their lists. Example, I just go to AArtist1, or AArtist2, then the track they share will be on both of them. I got the idea by testing tracks with multiple artists in Album Artist category (AArtist) (my go-to). With this feature disabled, if you have AArtist1 and AArtist2 on a track, this track will appear on both Album Artists's List. On the other hand, having this feature enabled, it will create a separate track with the combined AArtists. I would also like to know what this feature really do.
  6. Uninstall 899 first. No. But just to be on the safe side, backup your playlists to another folder, say Downloads or in your SD card. Mine's saved in the internal storage with Playlists as folder name. After installing 893, had to select that folder in PA together with Music (SD card).
  7. I tried playing 1 track from those highlighted ones and PA will treat them as individual songs. PA will play them one by one as if you're on repeat haha.
  8. You are right Andre, this might be a different bug. While on Album Artist category, the screenshot I sent, by the way had no CUE file as I just checked now. I had not tinkered with the new feature re the separators. I just instantly saw those duplicated tracks after the update.
  9. Hi Andre, I was checking earlier those multiple (duplicate) tracks in Album Artist category as my usual go-to. My albums have CUE files but Parse CUE Files is disabled from the start. I reverted to 893 for now.
  10. But on my end Parse CUE Files are disabled. I am on Luminous Black... Might be skin-related as you stated... Hmmm... Will just wait for the update. I'm back at 893.
  11. Update: Uninstalled 899 and installed 893 APK. I am now back to normal.
  12. That will automatically show depending on your tracks. In my case, the tracks were 96 kHz and 24 bit. That is how the album was ripped. Otherwise, on regular tracks ripped as 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, those details will be hidden. Your MP3 files are the latter.
  13. Update. Uninstalled PA (installed earlier via APK) then installed thru Play Store. Still the same. Might uninstall once again and use the 893 APK for now.
  14. First, thanks Max for the new PA update. I manually installed the apk, cleared cache as usual, then noticed tracks in an album are shown in multiple but when played, they will all be highlighted. Did a full rescan a few times, rebooted phone, still the same. I do not want to try uninstalling/installing PA, btw. Device: realme 5 Pro Android 10 Stock ROM
  15. @maxmp how are you doing, sir? +1 on this request. TIA and stay safe y'all.
  16. Thanks @maxmp for the introductory price! Worth every peso.. 🍻
  17. This is a per user setting which means that individually we have to set our equalizers on our own. There is no one setting for all users due to differences in android versions, mobile phone brands/models etc. You'll be surprised with your ability on setting your phone on how you like it to sound via headphones, bluetooth or car. Good luck!
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