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  1. Okay, I cleared the storage and cache, and initialized PA again. It seems to have fixed the problem. 😆
  2. Also, editing the CUE files only worked for some albums. Poweramp still lists some separate albums as one. Which would have been fine if, for example, I didn't have the 3rd movement of chopin's 2nd sonata in between the 1st and 2nd movement of another piece.
  3. Each album is a separate APE file, with a CUE file each to separate them into tracks. Removing the CUE file would result in two 30 min tracks, each in a respective album. I would like to have them split into tracks, hence the need for the CUE file. I have also edited the CUE files to have different titles, but PA is still grouping them into one album
  4. These are two separate albums. Poweramp seems to be grouping them together because they are both titled "Beethoven" even though the other details in the CUE file are different.
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