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  1. Just wondering if there is a plan to implement move to next list/folder buttons as per 588 ? If so will there be a way of activating that via Bluetooth? I find this really useful when listening to music in my car as I could double tap the forward button to change album. That functionality has been broken in oreo for my s8+ in all previous versions though.
  2. Hi, I noticed this problem on v2 also. Since Oreo on my S8+ i can no longer double click to move on to my next music list (folder). I no longer hear the the click sound i used to when using the ap in my car when driving. Any one know what has changed? I upgraded to the beta in the case that this fixes the issue but no it didn't. The bluetooth controls are set to double/triple click which used to work. Nik
  3. I have the same problem too. Reading on the web looks like this could be some oreo issue rather than just samsung specific. I noticed that I also don't get any audio information through to my vw head unit which did certainly work prior to my oreo update on my S8+. I'm just using v2 from the play store.
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