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  1. I agree! I hope they don't develop video playing capabilities into this app. That would bloat up a wonderful app. What makes Poweramp better than a basic mp3 playing app? Tags, lists, playlists, and audio processing adjustments -- all features designed for playing music. These well done features are barely applicable to watching movies (on phones no less!!). There are other really good video playing apps out there.
  2. That's what an Eq does. Poweramp already has an Eq.
  3. In Library > List Options we can select a number of list types to to be available. This is great! However, when we view a list, select an item within a list, the way the next list is itemized is limited (sub-list). Yes, the items within a sub-list can be sorted in certain ways, but the items in a sub-list are not customizable (sp). For example: If I select to View a list of Genres and then select the Genre list item "Jazz", I get a sub-list of "Genre Albums", but I would much rather see a sub-list of "Artists". It is difficult enough to maintain mp3 tags with the proper titles, artists an
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