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  1. I hope that with the new version 3 we can see something that many users were asking, I also follow Poweramp from the beginning of the version ... Poweramp must develop between all, it must encourage creativity, Poweramp is a great player for its audio, but must and improve every day more ... there is a lot of competition and I want Poweramp to follow the best. I say goodbye with a lot of respect, thanks for Max's great work.
  2. Good afternoon, Max-Andre, this application must be updated through the collaboration of all to remain the best music playback application. There should be a page for "community" in Google + to be more attractive, attached one of the application Blackplayer EX - which in design and functionalities is excellent and is what Poweramp should do and worry if you want to "win customers" .. We are a globalized world ... you have a great application due to the fact that the reproduction of the audio is exquisite, but if we want to continue being the best we must continue to develop it among all.
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