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  1. Hi, I have a lot of songs that I sort by giving high and low rating. When sorted I want to add them to a playlist, but the high/low rated playlist count is limited to 200 items. Could the high/low rated playlist item count be made unlimited? Also, an option to give/ungive high/low rating to multible songs would be much helpful. Thank you for your hard work.
  2. fixed in latest build, many thanks also visualization top bar is always on top of cover art so it hides top area (not shown when paused) idk if bug/feature just to let you know
  3. same issue/feature on OP6/beta25 on latest built -seek bar buttons, three dot and bottom info bar (output, next, track quality info) needs to be tapped twice -top visualization bar reacts on first tap but does not invoke opacity change
  4. Same issue, no way to open list and search (only keyboard pops up) OnePlus 6, Latest beta 25 (9.0) happens on 842, 843 does not happen on 841
  5. some songs (without tags) are crashing the version 797 (even just opening the app with the song on main page instantly crashes) if I manage to quickly tap the next song button it doesn't crash also I managed to find that the problem happens only if I turn on the Show default image in Lock screen options on 796 works without a problem it is an album of short songs 11 - Koala.mp3
  6. Hi Max, I am sure that you are under heavy load now but I noticed an issue. I have a Oneplus One with latest Ressurection Remix ROM and on build 588 I could utilize the rom's function to control playback with volume buttons with locked screen. I haven't updated the rom but I installed the 705 (same on 706, 709) build and the playback control doesn't work for PAMP (for other players it does). Also doesn't work with offscreen gestures. Could you please check the issue if you have time for this? Maybe it would be helpful so that it doesn't end up in the final version. Thank you very much for your support and thanks for Poweramp. (Using since Symbian)
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