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  1. So I have this issue with my vehicle, displays no artist no title. Metadata settings do nothing. I use my other music app called GOM player and the info shows in my car. I like Poweramp but this is frustrating so I'll have to go back to using my other player. Anyone have a fix yet for this? I'm using oreo 8.1 on a Google pixel.
  2. I am having an issue with the shuffle. I have two playlist... And the only shuffle that does not go in between lists is the "songs in order" shuffle. Every other shuffle goes to a different playlist. I don't want to shuffle songs in order, I want a random shuffle in the current playlist and not multiple playlists. I have tried all the other shuffle options. Please help. Chris
  3. I did get an email from Poweramp support and they will be fixing this bug eventually in a new update. Not sure when.
  4. No sorry it did not work after a couple days so I uninstalled it. I will try reinstalling again and post results.
  5. I installed this app and followed instructions from the original post. Worked well for a couple days, now I have two notifications in my notification area. No matter what setting I chose they won't go away unless u uninstall it. I'm using oreo 8.1, anyone? Chris
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