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  1. 21 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Which option are you referring to?

    Settings >Library > Lists > "Click Restarts Track"
    Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > "<< Button Reset Current Track"

    The first one defines whether tapping on the currently playing song within the library view should start the track again from the beginning, or merely return to the player screen with the track still playing.
    The second one defines whether tapping on the << icon in the player screen should immediately go back to the previous track, or just restart the current track at the beginning (requiring a second press to go back a track).

    Both options work fine for me anyway, so perhaps you have some corruption in your database or Settings? A Full Rescan, or more drastically an uninstall/reinstall, might help.


    The first I was referring to. I have tried uninstalling and installing again .. also tried clearing data which basically resets the app... I am using playstore non beta version.. on my Nokia 5 8.1oreo

  2. V809 has better and softer bass it seems day and night difference.. I tried three times each v809 & v810 on same song anybody notice same thing?


    Edit: some how I was not able to do a clean install every time I tried uninstalling the previous one and installing it. New one remembers the settings then I switched off the internet again tried a clean install first it said licence verification failed and I was greeted with clean install and now the sound I as good as was on earlier versions if not better

  3. On 11/14/2018 at 4:54 AM, andrewilley said:

    That's exactly what the Recently Added library category should do (assuming you have  Sort by Filesystem Date/Time enabled).


    Yes I have enabled it. By the way it is enabled by default but it shows only 9 tracks in recently added but I have more than 800 tracks on my memory card and internal storage

  4. On 11/12/2018 at 1:08 PM, andrewilley said:

    Correct, that's what the option I mentioned does, it uses the file's system datestamp rather than PA's internally scanned/added date (Settings > Library > Lists > Sort by Filesystem Date/Time)


    But this doesn't provide the desired result... I don't want to search every time the whole all songs playlist... As I usually forget what latest songs I have downloaded and Poweramp doesn't reads them... But in my es file explorer when I go to music section and sort it by date modified it shows all latest added songs first and then in decreasing order or whatever order but latest first and oldest in last that's what I want Poweramp to do

  5. On 11/6/2018 at 10:45 PM, andrewilley said:

    Does "Settings > Library > Lists > Sort by Filesystem Date/Time" help?


    it only takes date added as reference which gets reset every time you clear data the Poweramp or reinstall it but the date modified is a file based thing that stays within the file which would help detect recently added files acurately every time

  6. 39 minutes ago, tajdmagicdragon said:

    Hi @maxmp. Huge thanks for your hardwork. 

    I tested this build 792 on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x SD 625 Variant on Lineage OS 15.1 and found out that the HiRes Output even if its available and active is not as good as the OpenSL ES HD Output in Beta Preview Build 790. The difference is night and day. So I'm staying with 790.

    Please don't hate on me as I am not complaining. I'm just sharing this because I really want Poweramp to improve and succeed.

    Let me know if theres anything I can be of help.

    Thank you again Max and to the rest of the Poweramp Devs.

    Yes that seems to be the case with me too I am using Nokia 5 8.1 Oreo... But I am keeping 792 may be try playstore version that has some difference in output... And by the way anyone know why play store version is 793 is it any different?


  7. On 7/19/2018 at 9:10 PM, BROKEN said:

    Max don't owe us anything. We did not pay for V3, it's a free upgrade.

    I really wish V3 was a paid upgrade just to shut you whinny people up.


    Action launcher was a paid upgrade and no one moaned about how long it took. Only that it wasn't free.

    If it's about money I am ready to pay if it will speed up the process and I don't think anyone would be denying paying additional money so to conclude it it's not about money...

    And yeah everyone wants a new version so badly because the earlier final version has stopped working with 8.1 Oreo it needs support to work.. so the developer should be at least delivering something working in replacement of the earlier working app irrespective of the money

  8. Also I would like to ask people who are trying to defend the developer as if everyone wants the developer dead...

    I am not a person that would use any beta product... I purchased Poweramp may be 3 or 4 years ago as V2 that was full version not beta... And now if i ask the V2 to be fixed it is not going to be fixed they say... Ok then now I want a stable main line update that is the beta V3 to be... Then do I not have a right after paying him to ask that if I am getting something after 3 or 4 years I think that's enough time to develop something finished not beta alpha and so on... I am not against max being not able to develop the app but I think he should by now have given something finished as I am not a tester.. and I have not paid to be using beta apps


  9. 22 hours ago, utahman1971 said:

    He said he did not like the UI of V3 Alpha, not the beta one. They are different. Material one is the beta. Unless he meant the one besides the other but if you read what he said, he said V3 Alpha UI, he did not like. Not trying to be a problem but either the poster or the reader has the problem. Either not explaining right or the not reading right. You can't put words on someones mouth and be correct. This is one reason I hate forums bad. Posts are twisted to what you never said in the first place. I haven't posted for days but it is annoying to read how people reply to others. Half arse replies.


    Yes the new UI is good that's what I meant to say... But the new UI is not yet completed that creates issues... Basically I am being forced to used twisted and hotpotch (V2 like) V3 alpha ui

  10. On 6/19/2018 at 4:01 PM, andrewilley said:

    No, Poweramp v2 purchasers can upgrade to v3 for no extra charge. Some people have been offering to pay an additional donation for the extra development work though.

    Edit: Unless you meant Android ROM releases for your phone? In which case many manufacturers offer to update their phones to at least the next major annual release of Android (e.g. Nougat to Oreo) but rarely very much further than that - and they are under no obligation to do any more than bug fixes.


    If that's how it goes I request you to please add support for the Oreo 8.1 in V2...

  11. On 20/05/2018 at 1:04 AM, maxmp said:

    I hope quite soon, though, the transition may be unexpected or even painful for some users (old v2 => v3). Hopefully, black theme + changed faster-to-seek seekbar + more buttons like << >> makes V2=>V3 transition easier.


    Thanks for the report, but unfortunately, it's not realistically possible to have all the possible device / firmware variants for testing. My OnePlus One does work with hi-res (no DVC though in hi-res), but it's on 6.0.1. Hi-Res works on other Android 5 devices as well.
    Your audio_policy.conf doesn't differ much from 6.0.1 variant.


    Latest changes to audio outputs will be ported from v3 alpha to v3 beta and that's will become a final v3 release (plus, of course, black skin, and some other polishings).
    V3 beta is closer to (old) V2 in e.g. navigation and overall UI patterns, it's actually easier to use (no side panels or other hidden stuff, except the ones specifically hidden; usually one click less to navigate somewhere vs V3 alpha).

    Спасибо за репорт, нужно конкретнее - версия Poweramp, устройство, версия андроида, прошивка (если имеется). У некоторых устройств может не работать DVC - можно отключить.

    Thanks for the report, please provide Poweramp version, device model, Android version, ROM (if any). Some devices can fail to activate DVC in Hi-Res - try to disable it.

    Yes you are right V2 and V3 alpha are almost identical but I liked the feature of having equaliser on 1 click instead of going into visualisation menu and then getting into equaliser.. because it is a MP3 so it should be more easy to control audio than that of visualisation that plays no role me at least...

    Also would like to say the invert menu was a good option as we could just keep on tapping left top corner to get to player from list but now have click here and there and everywhere basically not easy to use with one hand... I still prefer V2 if it gets notification fixed and could be as was earlier no extra features needed

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