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  1. @andrewilley @maxmp what's the difference between the uni build and the play build of Poweramp? Kindly forgive me if this has been answered before.
  2. Dear @maxmp, Thank you for keeping the project alive and making it back on track. I've been exploring the new player and I found its pretty stable. But there are a few bugs that I would like to address. 1. When Hi-res output is enabled, the off screen gestures on OnePlus devices doesn't work. 2. If I press an alphabet in All Songs menu to directly jump to that Position and when I press return to top button, it shows the last alphabet to which i navigated. Please find the screenshots below
  3. Is it me or the off screen gestures on OnePlus devices is not working. OnePlus 5T Oxygen OS 5.1.4.
  4. Still a bit confused. 1. What is the difference between Black and Black pro skin? I have to pay extra for the pro skin? 2. Option to switch between static and original seek bar?
  5. Actually it's the problem with MiUI. Their methods of displaying notifications is different from the stock android. That's the main reason. I'm also facing this in my dad's Redmi 4.
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