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  1. 6 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @technoviking10 due to the playlists (including smart playlists) new capability of having songs which are not in "All Songs" category (such as streams or playlist tracks which are located outside of Poweramp library/folders), it's not possible to use Shuffle All mode (which shuffles exactly All Songs category) there.

    Or, if we use Shuffle All mode in a playlists, it will skip all the non-library/folders tracks/streams.

    So everytime I select a song from "Recently added" but I want the next song to be random and be selected from "All Song", I will have to manually change the shuffle mode to "Shuffle all" all the time?

  2. Hey guys,

    Anyone know how to restore the shuffle function back to normal? What I mean, when I select a song from "Recently Added" for some reason the Shuffle Mode automatically goes to "Shuffle Songs" which before this update, it would remain on the last used shuffle mode, in my case "Shuffle All". I like to have Poweramp always on "Shuffle All", is there a way to keep this shuffle mode all the time?

  3. On 4/21/2018 at 11:25 PM, havast said:

    Im looking back here again and again hoping the new build is released. 

    I was angry so many times because the delays, tested all other audioplayers, like Neutron, Foobar (for pc is very good), etc. 

    But came back here again. This is still the best audiophile player for android. 

    2 years old build, and still can work, but its mire and more buggy as the times go on.. 

    But here is a pics, im on Oreo, Exynos Note 8, DSR7BT. And the Poweramp still can use the DAC, etc. 

    So go go maxmp, if you read the forums, this is the best player, keep this professionalism. 


    Same, I keep coming back to it, it has a signature sound

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