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  1. @quirK It's nice that you know what year it is. Do you also know what year a final release of Poweramp last came out? My post is not at all hating on Max, he's made a fine product, it's just a statement of fact considering how much complaining about updates has gone on here over the years. Enjoy waiting for the next beta
  2. I've never commented, and this is likely going to be my last comment. For the record, I think I've tried every single music app on the play store and nothing beats Poweramp. Some of them are pure garbage to be honest. I've only found this out because, like many of you, I was looking for a suitable replacement for Poweramp. The closest thing I found was BlackPlayer EX. I bought it 2 days ago and have been mostly happy with it. It still does not have everything Poweramp offers, so Poweramp is still number one as far as I'm concerned. So why did I buy it then? Because being on a Beta release
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