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  1. Oooh! Added in the most recent build I see. Build 821. Nice...
  2. I've been thinking more about this and perhaps even the ability to bookmark your current location in a playlist before switching to another playlist would serve the same purpose.
  3. Thanks! So far this seems to work - and yes, Hi-res. I'll post back in the next few days if further testing proves problematic. Curious as to the change requiring this setting to now solve a problem which didn't seem to be there before.
  4. If I use Google Play Music then close it down and switch to Poweramp, sound from Poweramp will not play through my Bluetooth headset. I can still control volume and track advance, but sound only comes through my phone speaker. I have tried various things (dis/reconnecting the headset, changing SmartThings settings & even disabling SmartThings, turning Bluetooth for the phone off and back on etc) in an attempt to get the sound playing through the headset again but the only thing I've found that works is rebooting the phone. But once I use Google Play Music again the problem returns when
  5. I'm having problems with the app crashing on my new phone sporting Oreo as well. Phone/Model: Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965U1 OS: Oreo v8.0.0 Android security patch level: Feb 1, 2018 Poweramp version: alpha-build-703-play (Full Version) What's happening: After a reboot Poweramp starts up normally, once. If I close the app and try to re-open it I'm met with a black screen and have a few minutes a message from Android pops up indicating the app isn't responding, do I want to close it down or wait. I can close it down and reopen it and after several attempts it will finally
  6. Current behavior: While playing from playlist #1 I pause playback and start playback from playlist #2. After some time I return to playlist #1 and the default is to play from the first song in playlist #1. Desired option: Remember the song playlist #1 was at so when I return I can continue listening where I left off. Background: I currently have a Walking playlist which I like to return to, well, whenever I go walking - but I like to be able to listen from where I left off without having to remember the location (I'm old hehe) instead of listening to the first several songs of
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