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  1. Finally Mi A1 Got Hi-Rec o/p Support.. Android 8.0.. Huge thanks for @maxmp @andrewilley
  2. @maxmp in Xiaomi Mi A1 Open sl es Hd output supports but hi-rec output experimental not found.. running android oreo 8.0 and also could not save the editable euilizer settings may be a bug.
  3. 1) Xiaomi Mi A1 2) Android Oreo 8.0.0 Stock 3) Not properly understanding but I'm Submitting the features Quoted By the Company "An industry leading 10V smart power amplifier paired with the advanced Dirac HD Sound algorithm provides powerful speaker audio output and deep lows for both music and phone calls. The independent audio amplifier supports high- impedance headphones of up to 600Ω. " http://www.mi.com/in/mi-a1/ all specifications are there. Well attached audio_policy.conf BTW It's audio_effects.conf audio_effects.conf Edit:-- Its Snapdragon 625 Se
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