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  1. Hi; I cannot get Power Amp to cast to my Google home speaker from Chrome OS. When I cast, I hear the clicks with the cast volume control, but when I start playing music nothing happens. It appears the track I'm playing is stuck. I'm playing using the folder view from an SD card. Is there an extra Chromecast setting in Power Amp I'm missing? Thanks. - Jason
  2. HI Andre; Thanks for the tip. I'll look into this. I used to use a program called MP3Tag. I think it sort of did the same thing although I'm not sure it could create playlist. - Jason
  3. Hi Andre; Thank you for the detailed explanation. This is very helpful. I'm going to make an attempt to emulate what you are doing on a Chromebook. Hopefully I can. I think I will see if I can create some scripts to create playlists. All I have is music at the moment so maybe it won't be complex at first. Thank you very much. - Jason
  4. Hi Andre; Thank you for your prompt response. Are you using a Windows PC? So how do you arrange your folders? Are the folders the actual playlist or do you create playlists that traverse over multiple folders? (I.E. Artist, Genre, etc )I'm guessing you don't reconfigure the folders very often which would require you to recreate the playlists. If possible could you provide a brief example of your folder structure? Are you using a direct copy and paste or are syncing them somehow. If you are using direct copy/paste, do you just copy the new tracks along with the updated play
  5. Hi; I've been searching the for different ways to sync or transfer music to my android phone and then create playlists, I'm currently using Media Monkey and it works fine, but I'm wondering if people are using other tactics to do this. What do you do if you use ChromeOS? Do you copy all your MP3s to your phone and then create playlists by selecting each song and adding to a play list? I cannot find a generic way to easily do the following ... create playlists based on criteria and copy them alone with the MP3s to your phone copy your MP3s to your phone and created playlist bas
  6. Hi; I installed Poweramp on a Chomebook and it doesn't see the SD card at all. It only recognizes the internal drive. I tried the MediaMonkey app and it works fine. I performed a rescan and reinstall. No luck. I attached 2 images. One showing Poweramp and the other showing MediaMonkey. The apps are expanded to full screen to show detail. Please assist. Thanks. - Jason
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately using the .M3U8 format did not help. Mediamonkey appears to handle the characters correctly, but PA does not. Yes my device is configured to English, but does not correspond the language being used for the tracks. I think that is what you are asking. I sync via Mediamonkey and play via PA. It sounds better. I wish PA offered a sync from PC option.
  8. I noticed that after importing file based playlist (.m3u) files, several tracks were missing from the playlist. After investigating this I found that both tracks contained special characters within the TAG such as accents. These tracks did not show up within the playlist.
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