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  1. Does anyone have any tips to get replay gain to work properly? I have it on but it still doesn't even out the volume when changing to different tracks. I keep having to tinker with the volume each time.
  2. Dooly

    Oreo Update

    I kept uninstalling beta with oreo multiple times. Finally it worked and has been pretty stable level for the past few days with several hours of use. Reinstalling the beta is definitely possible. It took me almost 10 attempts to work.
  3. Dooly

    Oreo Update

    Yes. Many times. Not too many issues now. No idea how it finally started working. Crashes from time to time but I'll restart my phone and it seems to fix it.
  4. Dooly

    Oreo Update

    I finally got it to open after performing multiple installs. Disabled auto app updates and notifications. Using beta pa. Hope it doesn't crash again. I'm nervous about that.
  5. Dooly

    Oreo Update

    If I knew how to revert back to nougat without destroying my Samsung galaxy s8 plus, I'd definitely do it. I'm a little nervous about that. I just get the black screen too. This is my favorite and most used app. I'd hate to lose it. The other closest app is jet audio but it just not the same. Been using Poweramp for many years without a problem until this damn oreo installed on my phone. Using ATT if that helps any. I'm driving myself crazy trying to get it to work. It may be redundant, but any other suggestions would be awesome. Thanks fellas!