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  1. I prefer the version 709 the best. The latest one is awful! I have to stay in the older version for now. I voted for v3 because the v2 is the v2, 709 is v3 and 792 is v3 too. This survey is made wrong.
  2. Ok, the best player became the worst player and just because of gui... I'm gonna stay in alpha version - maybe forever, sorry...
  3. Hi there, first of all, I must say, that the beta of v3 is almost perfect. Almost... ___ The WAV file is not supported directly. If the WAV files are searched in the app, the files are not found, but when a WAV file is opened through a file manager, the file is played but fights. I haven't tried other video formats. ___ Another issue concerns speeding up and slowing down of audio. I have noticed, that there are 3 ways at audio pitch: The 1st: audio is not distorted even a little bit - example: Youtube.com → THE BEST The 2nd: audio is distorted only a bit, b
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