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  1. @maxmp Thank you very much for the new update! Especially thank you for fixing sorting and for adding compact list for songs. Is there possibility to add such list for folders, albums, etc? Also, there is still a bug with displaying "play"-"pause" button in notification which I was stated in v.790 and v.792 topics: Also, I suddenly found a new very strange bug which appears only in .m3u8 plaulists (they were created in Poweramp, exported and imported). How to repeat this bug: play any song in .m3u8 playlist, pause the music, close Poweramp, wait for a few seconds, open it again, open playlist you played, choose any other song - Poweramp will open first song in playlist and every time you tap any other song, the first song will be played untill you start music from any other list. If you continue to listen to music after opening Poweramp, it will play the music as it has to play and you can change the song using "next" or "previous" buttons or getures, but once you choose other song from this playlist, the bug will appear. Is there any way to fix it? P.S. My English isn't very good, I can explain this bugs in Russian much better, but it's English forum after all.
  2. @maxmp thank you for the update and your hard work! This version is beautiful but it has some bugs you know (sorting, etc) and one minor but annoying bug from v.790: if you pause music in notification (this will change two images: Poweramp icon in notification from playing to paused and "pause" button in notification to "play") and press on "next" or "previous" buttons in notification, the music still be paused but "play" button in notification will change it's image back to "pause" button but continue to work as "play" (if you press it, music will start). Sometimes it leads to misunderstanding. Fix it please
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