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  1. That's... annoying. When 100 artists seem to fall into place, and then you have 2 that decide to ruin your neatly organized library.
  2. Then again, I assume it might not be a bug. It sure feels like one though. Thinking of it, does this occur with artists names starting with "The%20" as well?
  3. There is a bug that's pestering me and I can't help anymore but report it. Let me start off by saying that I am not sure that the "Artist list" view is the only place where it occurs, maybe it's in album view too, have not tested it. Here is the bug: I first noticed it with "A Perfect Circle" and subsequently with "A Tribe Called Quest". The first one will be sorted at "P" and the second one will be sorted at "T", ingoring the preceding "A%20". Can I have any hope this will be looked into? Or that it won't show up again in Poweramp v3 please?
  4. Hi Andre, just installed v3 but it's not working for me. I wanted to report this in the v3 testing official thread, but I see it is closed. I see the Poweramp icon with alpha mark on it, I tap on it and nothing happens. Running Android 7.0, Global MIUI 9.5.4 on a Redmi Note 4x.
  5. Great. I will install the v3 alpha on my phone to check it out, thanks, I did not know v3 is already so far in the development process.
  6. Create a playlist for every folder? Do you think that is... something that every other user should do? And manually? Also, I fail to see how what I am suggesting is overloading the ui...
  7. Just that... could we have the search function on the main screen? Or even better, on all screens ?
  8. Currently, the Albums view is showing the albums as thumbnails, sorted by artist. Great start already since this means the behaviour is already in place. But I'd like to suggest a much cleaner way, for much easier navigation through the entire list of albums: In the "List view" from "List options": if albums were shown as a sublist of an artist, which would be shown as a header. By example, imagine how your list of contacts in your phone is shown by letters, with the letter as header. Same thing but Artist names and Albums names instead of Letters and contact names. Adding the option
  9. The two options one currently has at this date when looking for a song are very... bland? Let's look at the current options: "Play all" will play all songs in phone in alphabetical order: It does not take into account at all the fact that the next song is from a different album, by a different artist, in a different genre, etc. Ugh "Play filtered" will play the one, or the multiple, that popped up in the search query. Generally one, since generally only one pops up when you look for a song. Why the feature would be great: The way it works now makes up for a very frustrating se
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