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  1. Don't know if there's a quick option for this but here's what I'd do. For a start, delete all the jpg's apart from folder.jpg - this is assuming that your albums are all in seperate folders, folder.jpg is containted in each of those folders and it is the one you want to use. Install mp3tag. It has context menu so that you can right click a folder and it will scan all mp3's in that and the subfolders. So do that and select all the mp3's once they're loaded up. Right click on the album art and select remove then hit save so there is no art embedded in your files that may conflict with your folde
  2. Probably differs depending on which ROM you use, I know when I switched from a Sammy base to CM10 I had backed up using Titanium Pro and Poweramp couldn't find my music because the memory card was named differently. For the CM10 I'm using, in settings > folders and library > music folder, once you get to folder selection it shows /storage/sdcard0 /storage/sdcard1 0 is internal and 1 is external.
  3. @Szaby Not sure this is a feature that can be added to Poweramp but depending on what phone you are there might be a mod to do it, if you're not afraid to root it. I'm on the S3 and using wanamlite rom which since version 1.8 has this ability. Really handy when listening to my 5000+ mp3s on random!
  4. I like the first option and I actually retagged all of my mp3s last night with the "album artist" as various. Even if the library list just had the option of view by "album artist". I thought "albums by artist" which is already in Poweramp would do that but I was mistaken. EDIT: I've went into Albums in my library and then sort by artist, that's good enough for me!
  5. Would be wicked if you could add this. My old Nokia N8 "used" to sort stuff like that, then they changed it and I had no idea where anything was!!
  6. Dude, you listen to metal. It's all RAAAAWR RAAAAWR RAAAAR anyway Nah, I tried musixmatch and it was fine for a few songs but some were way off, Remember by Biohazard as an example. The player supports lyrics in tags so I'm thinking about doing this, probably take a while for the 5000+ songs I plan on having on my phone!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this player. I got the Galaxy S3 last week, my first Android phone after 12 years of Nokia. Don't know how familiar you are with symbian but the only player to support gapless playback is folderplay, it's interface is super basic so I never used it. I knew the default player on the S3 probably wasn't going to satisfy me. My brother said Poweramp is the best out there, I didn't give any of the others a try. This was my first, and so far only, purchase for my new phone. Well worth the £4. To have a player now which supports gapless is a dream, haven't had that sinc
  8. I've got all the free skins and none of them totally hide the background colours. Closest I can get on my Galaxy S3 got is to use the black noir theme, this takes care of the bottom part of the screen with the player controls. I have "menus" set to the top 3 options. For "player ui" I have auto hide panels & show track counter on. Equ/tone is greyed out due to the setting in "menus". Repeat/Shuffle icons & Rating are set to hidden. This keeps the album art clean of icons and makes the height of the player controls a bit bigger. Setting Album Art Zoom to 1.08x fits it to the width of m
  9. My first post and someone wants the same as I do!
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