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  1. Poweramp can work now .The secure online ordering system was sent just now.Thank you for asking my questions these day .My English is bad and you read my sentences patiently.Thank you!!!
  2. Not yet......I can't publish pictures here.So I have sent Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com an email with my mobile screenshots.
  3. I told Poweramp Support what my account is(with password .I don't have a Paybal binding Google account).I really hope Poweramp Support can sign in with my Google account and find the way solve the problem. But Poweramp Support sent me a list about how to instal the unlocker again......I have tried again and again and I found it really doesn't work......So I still can't re-download and be authorized.I like Poweramp and buy pay version but It's still a trial version now.
  4. I wll try like you said.Thank you for your advice .I forgot the serial-number is so stupid......I only can remember it is beginning with 9.....
  5. Customer service:please use Get Support button in Poweramp license dialog to generate automated email with technical data required to resolve your issue. I forget my serial-number(the number appeared after the purchase is successful?)Could I find this number somewhere without purchase again.....
  6. received download address this morning .After I downloaded and instaled the full version unlocker .I found that I still need to pay 4.99USD in market if I wanna download unlocker again.And in Poweramp settings,it said that no order for act (username)@gmail.com and please contact to Poweramp support.I am frustrated....
  7. Thanks for your reply.It's really a long time from July 1st now on.I can't wait to use this application.It's realy good look and powerful.
  8. Could forums managers give us an understandable answer . My English is bad .It's really difficult for me to find ways to solve the problems.Thank you!!!And I wish I can reiceve the download address as soon as posible .By the way ,I forget my order id. What I only have is trading information on Alipay. 交易号(Don't know how to translation) 2012070166306691 商户订单号(Don't know how to translation) 40710086249
  9. QQ邮箱啊。。。我昨晚10点买的,到现在我发了能有5、6封邮件了,一个回复都没收到,邮箱都翻烂糊了也没个解锁器的下载链接,不会是上当了吧。。。。真无语
  10. I haven't received a reply yet~~~ What should I do now.... Gmail: waft0422@gmai.com
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