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  1. 12 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Sounds very sensible to me. Why would you want a streaming audio station to appear in a shuffle list anyway? It would never end, and so never be able to shuffle on to something else.

    Come to that, I've been suggesting for a long time that some types of track really should not appear in Shuffle sequences at all. It makes no sense to me when listening to shuffled music to suddenly hear a 90 minute podcast, or a two-hour concert, or an episode of the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or a single chapter of an audio book. 


    Absolutely! 👍

  2. 1 hour ago, djdarko said:

    Thanks for the new update. I've noticed that the issue with the track resuming on the wrong song on startup seems to have been fixed in the recent updates.

    Could we get an option to make the black text boxes over the art opaque?

    +1 for the opaque, asked that when he introduced the alternative layout with that opaque instead of back boxes.

    And here I canot use the alternative layout because it doesnt rescale the albumart well. It make lot smaller than the default one.

  3. On 3/19/2019 at 7:49 PM, maxmp said:

    @Menelas the crash happens due to too old Google Services (or they can be missing completely). The crash fixed in the next build 822 (to be released tonight), or can be fixed by updating Google Play Services (or/and other "apps" with "Google" "Services" in name).

    Hey @maxmp any news on that 822 build for us without Google play services?

    Are you holding to add other bugs fix too maybe?

  4. 14 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @Menelas the crash happens due to too old Google Services (or they can be missing completely). The crash fixed in the next build 822 (to be released tonight), or can be fixed by updating Google Play Services (or/and other "apps" with "Google" "Services" in name).

    As stated earlier and by other users too, no Google stuff there at all (chinese phone by choice to get ride of the Google bloat)

    Thank you very much, I was afraid that us without Google play services would get kicked out.


    Merci beaucoup 👍

  5. 6 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    @Menelas Max has seen your post, but as it contained a huge text log I've hidden it from general view as it just clogs up the forum. Please could any such logs be posted as attachments rather than inline text. Thanks.


    No problem, I understand. The goal was it reach @maxmp and it did, so all good, merci.

  6. 4 hours ago, blaubär said:

    No, it isn't, at least not on every platform. I use Samsung S7 with Oreo and WITHOUT Google Home app. Poweramp works normally.

    I don't see the ChromeCast Button, even if I enable it in settings. I presume if I would install Google Home App then and enabled ChromeCast Button then I would see it. 

    OK, so that should be something else.

    Because I can't run Poweramp anymore here 😭

  7. 2 hours ago, blaubär said:

    Is this skinnable ? If yes Is there a skin that combines non-alternative-layout with transparent or semi-transparent background for display of artist and album ?

    Edit: Okay, it is skinnable, "Dark default skin" by "Ultimate Designs" with the following settings does the trick :

    "Alternative Layout" = disabled

    "(Transparency) Buttons and labels on play screen" = "Semi transparent"

    "App Background" = "Blur (default)"



    Thanks for the hint. 👍

    @maxmp should had them to the default theme since it seems no-one likes those black boxes.

    Those semi transparent buttons are far better.

  8. Please @maxmp merge your 2 styles to get ride of those black boxes. In your alternative displaying, you get those boxes semi transparent quite well.

    I just can't use the alternative display because it reduce to much the album art.

    Pitty, as I like to have names at bottom in browsers as in the alternative layout.



  9. 18 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    I think the OP's point was that there is quite a bit of underutilised space in the lower half of the screen that could be tightened up to allow more space for the artwork when using the app in Alternative mode. The waveseek bar and buttons for example could be half their present height, and the two counters on the left and right could be placed on the same line as the metadata.


    Yeah, the screen can be better used in my opinion too.

  10. 2 hours ago, Mr. Make Believe said:

    Not necessary, but it would be nice to have the A-Z scroll bar in Folders Hierarchy mode as well.  

    Good luck!

    +1 on that one. I would love to see it too.

    And it should be fairly simple to add since the scroll bar is already there for other views.

  11. 2 hours ago, Andrew0 said:

    @Menelas Thats weird.. Which phone do you have? do you have the problem only with my skins?

    @Parth Rathore Added! Option is: Square corners

    @andrewilley Added! Option is: Dual bar

    I just updated so it should be available in about 10 min.  will appreciate a positive review :)




    I have a Blackberry K1, and yes unfortunately just with your skin, there is a screenshot of the default skin:

    (Maybe a resizer functions problem somwhere?)


  12. 59 minutes ago, djdarko said:

    I tried to explain it in the previous post. It would be timed on/off when changing tracks. You can trigger it by slight nudging the artwork or up swipe which have no other effect. (Other than slight moving/bouncing the artwork).

    The main option for this effect would be in the settings. It would not work at all like the star rating from V2.

    Nice one! ?

    I would prefers your idea than the current situation.

    It seems that not even one people like that titles on the AlbumArt pic, not even one!

    I guess @maxmp didn't find where to easily put those outside the albumart pic yet.

  13. 26 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    Just use Already Purchased dialog in Poweramp (build 800+). It will work with any account type (provided your previously purchased website license on it).

    Well done @maxmp ??

    You should have added to the change log :

    38 minutes ago, Menelas said:

    website purchase doesn't require Google services

    NEITHER the yahoo app for those that purchased with a yahoo account. ?

    Thanks for all the works!!


  14. 10 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    Just use Already Purchased dialog in Poweramp (build 800+). It will work with any account type (provided your previously purchased website license on it).

    Thank you! Yes I did purchase from the website since I had no alternative to buy your app without the Google play Services.

    I even had to use an old yahoo mail address and had to download their app. But in the end, there was a bug preventing me to load the purchase.

    I tried to speak with the support numerous of times but always had semi auto reply saying me to give another address that the yahoo one If I wanted to change.

    I even give them plenty infos about the said bug since I had a guess what was the root of the bug, but still no luck and answer asking me if I wanted to change the used mail.

    So I gave up and had to switch to another muic player (an inferior one, since you have the best piece of software in music player territory, well done there).

    I'll now retry with this version and let you know if that worked that time.


    Thanks again for the answer.

  15. 52 minutes ago, maxmp said:



    Build 800:
    • website purchase doesn't require Google services anymore
    • bug fixes



    How does the new mechanism works for the website purchase?

    Because I bought your app to use it on my phone (Sans Google Play, a chinese Blackberry K1) and had to use yahoo mail, but that never worked and then stuck with trial version while I bought your app.

    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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