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  1. The video and v3 is great, I haven't tested beta but dear max, please add an 'option' to disable that zoom and unzoom animations while touching buttons, I would love to use "faster than light" experiance, I've disabled all animations in developer settings for moto g4 plus, It makes faster for the devices which don't have snapdragon 835, also add an 'option' to show next/previous songs change buttons because may be some people like me doesn't like much to rub/swipe fingers on screen more, touch buttons are good. I Appreciate your work.
  2. The 2 year old version is working properly on my moto g4 plus, no root, android 7.0, except it gets heated to 43 degree only when Poweramp is running and playing songs and not in any other case. I didn't find any fuctional issues in 2 year old version, the GUI is great with aluminium HD skin. I fear, the v3 Poweramp doesn't ruin anything compared to current(old) v2.
  3. I don't care how much time you take to release next update but it has to be fully working without any glitches, flaws and it should be incredible, extraordinary and there will be no comparison to it and its features. Thank you.
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