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  1. @maxmp The reason is because I am using black UI theme. The buttons are still there but they can not be seen. Pelase add the color option for notifications if possible. It is only happening to songs with no album art.
  2. Notifications controls are not showing sometimes on Android Pie. I am on Pie based Custom ROM on Xiaomi Poco F1. Poweramp version v3 807 play beta version
  3. As someone else commented here too the issue is probably with HiRes and DVC enabled together. Please fix it in the next Poweramp beta update
  4. Sorry, I was on MIUI 10 Oreo based ROM. And no I did not use any different volume levels just DVC and Hi Res output. By the way I changed to Lineage OS and I didn't face the issue on it with the same settings.
  5. Music plays at maximum volume on bluetooth device when Hi Res Output is enabled. It stays at the highest level even when Android media volume is reduced to minimum. I observed this bug only on MIUI. My friend running Android One device has not encountered the problem even though he has the same version of Poweramp. I am running Poweramp v3 802 play build(beta)(latest on play store as of 22nd OCT) Device: Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 running MIUI 10.
  6. Poweramp stopped responding to Bluetooth controls after I used another player for a while. Even when Poweramp is actively playing music and I press the pause button on my Bluetooth other player starts playing music instead of Poweramp pausing it. Please help!
  7. I've been using Poweramp to play music on my Bluetooth and my Phone speaker. I found the music louder on another player so I shifted to it when using phone speaker. As soon as I started doing that Poweramp stopped responding to my Bluetooth controls. The other player responds instead. This is annoying as Poweramp gives better output via Bluetooth. Any way to fix this? I tried force stopping the other player but that didn't fix it. I cannot install it as it is a system app and I would want to use it for playing through the speaker.
  8. Android 8.1 Oreo and Play Store version 10.7.18-all [0] [PR] 202540272 ( as seen on Google Play Store) I was on AOSP Extended custom ROM until this morning. I've changed to Havoc OS custom ROM and the issue still persists ruling out factory reset or the ROM as the solution. I already used Poweramp on Android 8.1 before and I don't think that's the issue either. Something must be wrong with verifying my purchase via Play Store. I am going to mail my details to the email and hope the issue gets resolved fast.
  9. For the last two days I've been unable to use Poweramp because of "License Verification Pending" thing. I've cleared Google Play Store data. Uninstalled both Poweramp and the unlocker, reinstalled them through play store. Cleared data again. Did the whole thing many times. All of that and still no luck. Help!! I am using alpha build 709 play.
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