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  1. I this version I have problem with bluetooth: The information of the song is not sending to the music player of my car, and also I can't change the song (with the previos version 902 etc was possible). (With Spotify that option is possible as well) Any solution of that?
  2. The queue doesn't start after finish the currently song as the option says
  3. I miss the option to go directly to the album of the song I listen to. Thxs!
  4. I have three problems en the version 793: 1. Shuffle inside a playslit not working any options (shuffle just song, shuffle just categories, etc) all of them the songs in my list goes in th same order. 2. When in writting in the seeker a write the first word of the song I want to find, then push space and the space is eleminated and I have to push again and that case i can write the next word. 3. The widget with the playlist is disapared, and It was very usufull because if you just wanted start to listen a list just put in the desktop.
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